Gait Assessment & Motion Capture Analysis

Gait Analysis / Motion Capture Analysis While thinking about physical assessment, we think to assess the movements, joint angles, the ideal pattern of the limbs, and different locomotion of the body. Gait is the extremity's movement pattern during locomotion or walking, which facilitates joints and muscles to act within ideal physiology and avoid undesirable stress to prevent injury and improve performance. To assess the Gait, it is essential to analyze the joint range of motion, anatomical position, joint angles, muscular contraction, foot pressure, and movement patterns concerning individual's height, weight, and gender. Gait can be assessed by capturing individuals walking pattern data with a minimum of a 2-dimensional multi-camera system and analyzing the same in Gait's biomechanical frames. Qualisys at ASPIRE Qualisys is a leading precision motion capture and 3D positioning tracking system, provider. With +30 years long history of supplying a variety of industries with high-end camera systems, software, and expertise. We have a complete solution for capturing indoor, outdoor, ground-to-air, or underwater data and analyzing it no matter the conditions. To market and showcase the motion capture system, we chose ASPIRE, where a brand-new 3D motion capture Biomechanics Lab is now ready. In the lab, athletes' biomechanical problems are assessed, the cause is evaluated, and training is planned to improve the same to achieve the best performance.