Qualisys advanced gait and motion capture solutions are used in various fields such as biomechanics, and sports science that consists of:

  1. Motion Capture Cameras- High-speed cameras that capture the movement of reflective markers placed on the subject's body or objects of interest. These cameras record the position and orientation of the markers in three-dimensional space with sub-millimeter accuracy.
  2. Marker Tracking: The Qualisys software accurately tracks the positions of the markers in real time, creating a digital representation of the subject's movements. This allows for precise analysis of gait patterns, joint angles, body segment motion, and overall movement dynamics.
  3. Gait Analysis: Qualisys gait capture systems are specifically designed for studying human walking and running patterns. It provides detailed information about step length, stride time, cadence, joint kinematics, and kinetics during gait cycles. Gait analysis can be valuable in clinical assessments, sports performance evaluation, and rehabilitation settings.
  4. Biomechanical Analysis: It offers advanced tools for analyzing human biomechanics. We study joint angles, forces, moments, muscle activations, and other relevant parameters to gain insights into movement efficiency, muscular imbalances, and injury risk factors.
  5. Sports Science and Performance Analysis: Qualisys motion capture technology is commonly used in sports science and athlete performance analysis. It enables detailed tracking and evaluation of movement patterns in various sports such as Cricket, Golf, Baseball, Tennis, and many more, helping coaches and trainers optimize technique, identify areas for improvement, and track progress over time.

Why Qualisys Gait and MoCap System?

Qualisys gait and motion capture systems are widely used in research institutions, sports performance centers, animation studios, clinical settings, and industrial applications due to it’s high reliability and validity internationally.

They provide comprehensive tools for analyzing human movement, facilitating advancements in various fields, and enhancing our understanding of biomechanics, sports performance, and rehabilitation.

How we use Gait & Motion Capture System at Aspire?

Qualisys gait and motion capture systems offer several benefits in the field of physical therapy:

  1. Objective Assessment:  Qualisys systems provide objective data on movement patterns, joint angles, and kinetics, allowing physical therapists to obtain accurate and quantitative measurements of a patient's movement capabilities. This objective assessment can help in diagnosing movement impairments, tracking progress, and determining the effectiveness of interventions.
  2. Detailed Biomechanical Analysis: The advanced tracking capabilities of Qualisys systems enable detailed biomechanical analysis, allowing therapists to assess movement quality, identify compensatory patterns, and pinpoint specific areas of dysfunction. This information helps in designing targeted treatment plans tailored to the individual needs of patients. 
  3. Gait Analysis and Rehabilitation: This system is particularly useful in analyzing and rehabilitating gait abnormalities. The accurate tracking of gait parameters, such as step length, stride time, and joint kinematics, helps therapists identify deviations from normal gait patterns and develop targeted interventions to address specific gait abnormalities.
  4. Movement Re-Education: Qualisys systems can assist in movement re-education by providing real-time visual feedback to patients. Patients can see their movements in a virtual environment and make adjustments based on the feedback, promoting improved movement patterns and motor control. 
  5. Monitoring Progress and Outcomes: By utilizing Qualisys systems throughout the course of therapy, physical therapists can monitor a patient's progress over time. Objective measurements and comparisons to baseline or normative data help track improvements, adjust treatment plans, and provide feedback on the effectiveness of interventions.

How a sportsperson can be benefitted from it?

Qualisys gait and motion capture systems offer several benefits for athletes:

  1. Performance Analysis: Qualisys systems provide detailed data on movement patterns, joint angles, and kinetics, allowing athletes and coaches to gain deep insights into performance. By analyzing biomechanical parameters, athletes can identify areas for improvement, optimize technique, and enhance overall performance.
  2. Injury Prevention: The accurate tracking capabilities of Qualisys systems enable the identification of movement patterns that may increase the risk of injury. Athletes can use this information to modify their technique, correct imbalances, and implement injury prevention strategies to reduce the likelihood of injuries during training and competition.
  3. Rehabilitation and Return-to-Sport: In the event of an injury, Qualisys systems can be used in the rehabilitation process. By tracking movement and monitoring progress, therapists and trainers can design individualized rehabilitation programs tailored to the athlete's specific needs. Real-time feedback and objective measurements help ensure a safe and effective return to sport.
  4. Biomechanical Optimization: Qualisys systems allow athletes to optimize their biomechanics for enhanced performance. By analyzing joint angles, forces, and movement patterns, athletes can make targeted adjustments to technique, stride length, posture, or body positioning, optimizing energy efficiency and movement economy.
  5. Training Load Monitoring: Accurate motion capture data from Qualisys systems can be used to monitor training loads and quantify the intensity and demands of specific exercises or movements. This information helps athletes and coaches make informed decisions about training volume, intensity, and recovery to optimize performance and prevent overtraining.
  6. Feedback and Visualization: Qualisys systems provide real-time visual feedback to athletes, allowing them to see their movements and make immediate adjustments. This visual feedback enhances body awareness and motor learning, helping athletes refine their technique, improve coordination, and optimize movement patterns. 
  7. Skill Development and Technique Refinement: With the precise tracking capabilities of Qualisys systems, athletes can focus on skill development and technique refinement. By visualizing their movements in real time and comparing them to desired standards or expert models, athletes can work on specific aspects of their technique, leading to improved performance and efficiency.

Overall, Qualisys’ gait and motion capture systems provide athletes with valuable insights into their movement patterns, technique, and performance. By leveraging the objective data and visual feedback provided by these systems, athletes can optimize their biomechanics, prevent injuries, enhance skill development, and ultimately improve their overall performance.