1. Treadmills- Aspire has two treadmills a Cosco AC600 with incline and higher speeds and an advanced touchscreen Lode treadmill which can be connected to external ECG- and pulmonary devices. Both these treadmills consist of a smooth acceleration from 0 km/h and is continuously adjustable in a range of 1 – 25 km/h (0.6 – 15.5 mph) and 0 – 15% and 0-25% elevation, respectively. Both these contains standardised and reliable fitness programs which can be used as such or can be customised manually. The treadmills are used for ankle, knee and back rehabilitation patients, athlete training, geriatric and generalised fitness training.
  2. Trampoline- Domyos Trampoline 100 is used during Generalized, gynae and geriatric fitness training which supports the experts in cardio-respiratory workouts, muscle toning and balance.
  3. Stationary Cycle- The Cosco Recumbent Bike 70R has LCD monitor that displays all the feedback parameters such as Time, Speed, Distance, Pulse, Calories, Scan, Odo. At Aspire, we utilise this in Gynae Rehab, Geriatric Gym, Fitness training, Antenatal and knee pain disorders.
  4. Step Box- At Aspire, we use the 8-inch step box for cardio training and plyometrics during our sessions of Athlete training and geriatric fitness.
  5. Weighing machine- We have highly accurate and reliable weighing machine to assess the person’s body weight.
  6. Stadiometer- It is a tool to measure the height which assist in Body Mass Index (BMI) assessment and other athletic and fitness assessments.