Dr Sudhir Bhardwaj (Kumar)

Director - Dr Sudhir Bhardwaj (Kumar)

Clinical Sports Physiotherapist

In his 15 years of clinical experience, Dr Sudhir gained over thousands of patient's trust in multiple clinics and hospital setups. He completed his internship from Army Hospital Research & Referral, New Delhi under Dr (Maj Gen) SN Bhaduri, Physiatrist & Dr (Col) Rana K Chengappa Sports Medicine Specialist. His approach to diagnosis pulls the patient's attention and delivers fast and accurate recovery. He is a postgraduate in Sports Physiotherapy and Yoga Therapy Also. He is a certified Kinesio Taping expert and has a certificate in Spinal Manual therapy.

In 2010, commonwealth Games he earned a specially designed certificate in sports injury management presented by IP University Delhi.

Dr Sudhir delivers lectures in different organizations for health awareness and is official tutor also for Chikitsa Social Welfare Society, New Delhi.

Apart from that, he is expertise in Dry needling, Cupping, MET’s, and various manual therapy techniques which he includes in his clinical practice.


  1. Haryana State Council for Physiotherapist Reg No.- HSCP/PT/2023/1782
  2. Indian Society for Sports and Exercise Medicine Reg No.- ISSEM0088/D0005

Dr Dimple Bhardwaj (Chand)

Co-Director - Dr Dimple Bhardwaj (Chand)

Clinical Head

Dr dimple, a fitness enthusiast, is an energetic physio expert who has been delivering physical wellness services for past 15 years. Her fine clinical approach makes her the first choice for patients to get her as a treating physio.

She is the clinical program head at ASPIRE PHYSIO and runs different training sessions for professionals.

She has a master’s degree in sports physiotherapy and practices in the sports field with many athletes not only for their injury rehabilitation but for training also.

She has great clinical skills in orthopedic and neurological rehab also as patients explain she has a wonderful hand to heal the pain.

She is an expert in preventive athlete care and a certified Kinesio taping master which she learned from a prominent professional from Sports Authority Of India.

She practices multiple physiotherapy techniques in her clinical practice including Mulligan’s, Maitland’s, Mobilization, and MFR which helps to improve pain and sense the permanent stability of joint mobility and strength.

Dr Chitra Chand (PHD Scholar)

Dr Chitra Chand (PhD Scholar)

Physical Assessment Analyst & Yoga Specialist

Dr Chitra holds her expertise in physical assessment and provides a complete postural assessment profile to identify the cons in it. She Masters In Yoga therapy also.

She works with athletes to assess their physical conditions through standardized tests including Agility, Coordination Endurance, Speed, Flexibility, Reaction Time, Recovery Time and many more

With the standard tool, Polar Heart Rate, she examines the cardio health of an athlete to find the scope of recovery or further training.

Her profile contribution to ASPIRE become important in the Athlete Training Program which assists our physio’s in planning training strategy.

Apart from being Analyst Dr Chitra holds Yoga skills and so offers yogic therapy including various modifications as per patient's need. She has expertise in Face Yoga which delivers facial toning and muscle activation in both healthy and Post Stoke (Facial palsy) individuals.

She delivers lectures on international platforms regarding facial yoga.

At ASPIRE Dr Chitra is Head of Gynae rehab and Geriatric care as well where she directs the elderly fitness and wellness for multiple gynae problems.

Dr Chitra is a research Scholar from University of Patanjali where her research topic is recovery in Sports.

Dr. Preeti Sharma

Dr. Preeti Sharma

Junior Physiotherapist

Dr Preeti has great skills of patient interaction Her soft nature and speaking ability pull all patient's attention towards her and offer great satisfaction.

She has 2 years of clinical experience and within this short period of time she has proved herself an enthusiastic and energic physiotherapist.

She Assists with almost all services offered in ASPIRE including Ortho, Neuro, Sports, Gynae, Geriatric, Yoga, and Athlete Training program with best efficacy.

Her coordination with patients is very high and she treats them with personal care.

She has gained good trust on patients which reflects in her confidence of clinical practice. She has good skill of manual therapy and exercise delievery.

Dr. Bharti

Dr. Bharti

Senior Physiotherapist

Dr Bharti with 4 years of experience practicing in ASPIRE PHYSIO and delivering physical fitness to patients with high level of satisfaction. She has magnificent knowledge and apply it in clinical diagnosis.

She designs treatment protocols as per patients need and ensure faster recovery. She has master’s degree in Sports physiotherapy and skills in sports training.

She contributes in Athlete Training Program and on field training also. 

She also manages the patients’ profiles and records to organize group discussion and research. She apply various treatment methods for rehabilitation as she is skilled in counselling.

Amrita Aren

Amrita Aren

Sports Psychologist

Amrita Aren is passionate about sports and loves psychology. She has trained extensively in the science of sports psychology. A clinical psychologist from Jain university, Bangalore. Being a Sportsperson(state level volleyball player, district lawn tennis player) herself during her growing years she developed interest in the field of sport psychology.

she understands first-hand the aspirations, ambitions, goals and desires of sportspeople. y, her expertise in the working of the mind, and her experience over the last 9 years, makes her a sport psychologist who is versatile. Over the years, Amrita has carved a niche for herself in the budding field of Sport Psychology in India.

At ASPIRE, she does counselling to understands first-hand the aspirations, ambitions, goals and desires of sportspeople. Not only this she knows too well about the fears, anxiety and the insecurities that surround the most accomplished of sportspeople. Working towards that elusive peak performance is a work in progress and as a sportswoman herself, Amrita knows very well how the mind as well as the body of a sportsperson works.

Ms Niti

Dt Niti Munjal

Sports Nutritionist

Ms Niti has spent last 12+ years helping people & Athletes improve their health and fitness by prescribing right food in quantity and quality. She has been spreading word about women health & child nutrition through various organizations.

She has expertise in sports nutrition counselling which she has delivered in different schools of Delhi NCR including DPS, Mothers Pride, Salwan Public School about importance of nutrition in helping with strength & endurance in the respective sports.

She has Fellowship in Applied Nutrition, Apollo Hospitals, she earned Certificate in Diabetes Diagnosis, Treatment and Opportunities and another Certificate in Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease prevention from University of California, San Francisco, USA.

At ASPIRE she is committed to provide diet counselling and sports nutrition services to improve overall performance.

Dr.Anamika PT

Dr.Anamika PT

Dr. Anamika have strong passion for helping people in achieving their physical goals and in improving their quality of life. She has comprehensive understanding of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics which she use to individualise treatment plans.

Her skills in manual therapy, exercise prescription and patient education have been honed through her work with a diverse patient population, including individuals with musculoskeletal, neurological and gynaecological condition.

She is dedicated, hard- working and compassionate practitioner who is committed to provide high- quality care to patients.

She have excellent communication and interpersonal skills which allow her to build rapport with patient and collaborate effectively with other team members.

Anjali Kumari

Anjali Kumari

Ms Anjali heads the reception. she is commerce graduate and pursuing her experience in public relation, promotion and business development. She is skilled in computer operations and certified digital marketing professional too.

Sneha Mathur

Sneha Mathur

A Sports Fitness / Yoga Expert & consultant.

Masters in Yoga Arts (pursuing), Sports fitness training programme, from RAJASTHAN ROYALS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS. Her expertise is in GERIATRIC FITNESS TRAINING and her passion for the same reflects loudly while treating Souls, that they feel valued with her presence. Being a REIKI THERAPIST, she promotes an increased sense of positive well-being.

In her + 18 years of experience in globalized Public dealing, she has encountered multiple Medical Crisis and has been a saver. She is the perfect fusion of indeepth understanding of human anatomy and skill to assimilate the core fettle.

Dr. Ayush Ranjan

Dr. Ayush Ranjan

Junior Physiotherapist.

Dr. Ayush is a committed Sports Physiotherapist dedicated to optimizing athletic performance and deliver injury prevention protocols through evidence-based treatment and rehabilitation techniques.

Skilled in assessing and addressing musculoskeletal issues, implementing tailored exercise programs, and collaborating with athlete to achieve their goals. He holds Master’s degree in Sports Physiotherapy.

PUBLICATION : A research paper published in the Journal for Attach Therapy and Developmental Diversities

The Relationship of Isometric Quadriceps and Hamstring Muscle Strength Ratio to Lower Back, Knee Injuries and Their Performance in Combat Sports.

Paper Presentation - Comparison of ankle joint proprioception among "Basketball & Volleyball Players" in Scope of Interdisciplinary Research in Physiotherapy Profession in India

Membership : Haryana State Council for Physiotherapist Reg No. - HSCP/PT/2023/1845