Sports Nutrition in Gurugram- Aspire

Sports nutrition is the practice of nutrition and diet to improve a person’s athletic performance. It allows active adults and athletes to perform at their best and it is the foundation of athletic success.

Fatigue, injury, and soreness are the major components that decline an athlete’s performance. A proper diet reduces these disturbances in performance.

The key to a proper diet (for an athlete) is to get a variety of food and to consume all the macro-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed.

Importance of sports nutrition:

  • Proper nutrition is imperative to maximize athletic performance.
  • In the absence of enough carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that are an appropriate nutrition plan, athletes might feel tired and sluggish in the course of a workout, or be hungry.
  • Certain athletes might also be required to concentrate on certain nutrients and vitamins according to their body's requirements.

    A specific intake of nutrition or food for a person will help them live an active lifestyle, lose weight, or heal medical issues since the energy needed for daily living and physical activity is derived from the food we consume and the fluids we drink.

    Some special cases are also included like:

    • Diabetic reversal: An attempt to permanently reverse diabetes or limit it to a minimum.

    • Thyroid management–  Controlling hypothyroidism.

    At Aspire

    • Aspire boasts of Dietician Niti Munjal. She is a sports nutritionist who has experience of 12+ years.

    • She is committed to providing diet counseling and sports nutrition services to improve overall performance.

    • She also spreads the word about women's health and child nutrition via numerous organizations.

    • We have both Diabetic reversal and Thyroid management programs which include diet programs and exercise routines by Dr Chitra Chand (Yoga specialist) and Mrs. Sneha Mathur (Fitness specialist).

    • With that, we also provide programs and diets for high cholesterol, high or low Blood pressure, slow or fast metabolism, obesity, etc.

    • We've been getting excellent results with our nutrition and sports diet.