What is Gynecological physiotherapy?

Gynecological physiotherapy is a type of therapy that involves exercises and techniques that can help to improve the function of the pelvic floor. The exercises strengthen and relax the pelvic floor muscles.

Pelvic floor muscles

  • At the opening of the pelvic muscles there are muscles known as sphincters to control passage of urine, wind, and faeces, and to delay emptying until it is convenient. It supports your bladder, bowel, and uterus (womb).
  • It allows for good sexual functioning, by keeping your vaginal and rectal muscles toned.
  • It also plays a role in stabilising the spine along with your other core muscles.
  • It acts like a "sump pump", helping blood flow from your top half to your bottom half.
  • These muscles grow harder than normal during pregnancy as they are required to support the weight of the growing baby.

Why do you need Gynecological physiotherapy?

  • Strengthening of the pelvic muscles helps with urinary incontinence and reduces pelvic pain. It can also help with sexual dysfunction, pre- and post-natal care, and other pelvic floor conditions.
  • Researches have shown that with the increase in stress there is an evident increase in gynaecological problems in women such as fertility, irregular menstruation, urinary tract infection, prolapse pelvic organs, osteoporosis along with many other complications.
  • Women also have to go through multiple physical complications and functional disorders caused by pregnancy which eventually causes pelvic floor muscle weakness.
  • All the females across the lifespan, from the young athletes, childbearing women, the menopausal and elderly women receive benefit from gynaecological physiotherapy and Gynaecological rehabilitation has become a boon in such conditions.

At Aspire

  • Pre, ante, and post-natal exercise programs are designed for secure and comfortable delivery.
  • Core stability exercises and pelvic floor muscle training are useful in treating post-partum low back ache urinary incontinence.
  • Exercises are also prescribed for women to incorporate positive changes in bone mass which reduces fall and fracture risk.
  • We have organized workshops on Gynaecological rehabilitation and Gynacological health in which we introduced the following:
    • Simple exercises for the pelvic muscles
    • Healthy diet options to improve the gynae health
  • The Gynae rehab at Aspire is under Dr. Chitra Chand (Head of Gynae Rehab at Aspire), Dr. Dimple Bhardwaj (Chand) (Clinical Director) who are exceptionally good in the field of Gynae rehab.